Real Estate Expert
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Stéphane Pipart

Stéphane Pipart, our expert in real estate since 2008, is authorized by Cibex and IBGE.
He can perform various expertises with professionalism for you:
- Expertise values ​​of various goods
- Inventory of input and output
Dynamic, available and smiling, you can count on his skills and professional qualities in all circumstances.


Interior Architect
- -

Valérie Wenner

Valerie Wenner is our interior designer. Her energy and inspiration comes from the nature that surrounds her. Dynamic, strong and determined are the skill that characterizes her. She has 8 years of experience in the development of residential and business areas. She will be able to create the environment that matches your personality and expectations.


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Renovation department

Mina Marechal is busy of renovation and organizing of your work until you move, From the conception to completion of your project, she will guide you through the process thanks to her many years of experience in the field. She will be your liaison with the various trades so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Direction Secretary
- -

Natacha Tscherwinka

Natacha Tscherwinka is our administrative coordinator for the sales department and also for our customers.
Administrative tasks relating to the purchase and sale of real estate have no secret for her.
By its hospitality training and many years of experience in a customer department, you will always be greeted with a smile and supported in your paperwork. She works closely with solicitors in drafting compromise and acts of sale. Its precision, enthusiasm and determination transmit a real serenity to our customers.


Managing Director
- -

Claude Chaouat

His innate sense of business has allowed him to create a real estate empire and win in an increasingly competitive real estate market.
Experienced real estate developer for over 40 years in Belgium, but also internationally: in France, Morocco, Israel, Honduras, Mr Claude Chaouat has created the Haussmann company and most recently with his daughter Daphné : Haussmann Properties. With his financial knowledge and mastery of real estate markets, he manages the two companies with professionalism and precision that applies to all kinds of situations. Its mission and role in the group is to share his knowledge and ensure the continuity of values that permit the creation of the Haussmann group.


Commercial Director
- -

Daphné Chaouat

Daphne has a 10 years experience in real estate in Belgium, but also in Spain and in the USA. With its current practice of five foreign languages, she gained experience in international transactions. Her role in the company is to coordinate the departments to ensure a perfect follow in the smooth running of operations.
Her vision is based on teamwork. Her enthusiasm and creativity permits to innovate in revolutionary projects with professionalism and precision combined day.

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